Friday, May 4, 2012

What other blogs are there? Due 9/5

This week I want you to have a search around on the internet and find some other blogs to read.
If you like them, follow them so you get a little update on your blogger home page when you log in.

If you choose to follow the other blogs publicly, they will show up in a list on your blogger profile.  Looking at other people's profiles might be a good way to find some new blogs to look at :)
Sometimes bloggers have a list of blogs they like on the side of their site and you might find some cools sites that way too.
Bloglovin is a great site for following blogs and finding new ones too.
Or, you could do a classic google search.

Write a summarising 3 - 5 blogs you follow to tell the rest of the class about them.  Here's a little mock up of the type of thing I am after using my baking one as an example:

Baking Makes Things Better
Baking Makes Things Better is a baking blog run by two friends, Melissa and Courtenay.  They met each other at university before they both got jobs teaching English at the same school.  While they were working together Melissa set up a shared baking blog and although Courtenay has since moved out of Auckland they both continue to contribute to it.  Each week they post up new recipes and photos of things they have tried out.  I like Baking Makes Things Better because the food looks delicious, the content is regularly updated and the authors usually write a little paragraph before they post up the recipe.  I would recommend this blog to anyone who likes baking or eating sweet food.  You can find their blog here or check out their facebook page here.