Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holiday Home Learning Due 17/10

Next term we are going to be learning about Shakespeare and study his play Romeo and Juliet.

During the holidays I want you to conduct research about Shakespeare (his life, his plays, the theatre they were performed in) and the times he lived in (what people believed, the political climate).
You can present your information however you choose, but it must display what you have learnt.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

No home learning this week

And I am away at a funeral tomorrow, so please be lovely for the reliever.
I expect to see some decent looking newspapers when I turn up to work on Monday morning!

Magazine people: try get some work done on your pages if possible.  I've left the USB's in the glass on my desk.  Make sure they get returned and not left in the computers!

A few of you have essays that need to be handed in to me.  Please get the reliever to put them in the clear file pocket that they have with the lesson outline in it, so I can mark them on Monday.

One other thing, can you click on your blog title in your dashboard, go to settings in the menu on the left and in there click on 'posts and comments'.  In here, can you find where it says 'word verification' and change the setting to 'no' then save it.  It's really annoying having to type all the silly words out every time I want to leave a comment on your blogs.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reading Due 19/9

Find something to read.  What is it?  Tell me about it?  In at least 2 - 3 paragraphs.

I would love to hear about the latest books you are enjoying at the moment :)

You could always write another review on Goodreads and post the link to it up on your blog or as a comment below.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Screenr Lesson Due 12/9

This week I want you to use Screenr and teach people something that you can do on the computer.

It might be something like writing a blog post, using one of the web tools we've tried out, adding a video to your blog, creating a photo collage, using photoshop etc.  If you have an idea that you are unsure about, leave a comment about it and I will get back to you.

Make your screenr video and post it up on your blog - you can grab an embed code, just change the width to suit your blog (450 - 500 px will be good on most your blogs).  You need to talk and explain what you are doing.  You need to be professional - it should be something appropriate to show other teachers and students.

Usually in Year 11 you have to give a speech teaching the class something so think of it as practise for that!

Here's an example Screenr video I made to teach other staff about Moodle:

If you are having trouble, try using Jing or Screencast:

I personally haven't used them, but they appear to be similar.

Thanks for your poems.  If you haven't got one up yet, please get onto that asap.  I will be entering them tomorrow (Thursday).
If you wrote about a current AC teacher the other week, I flicked them the link to your blog.  I hope you don't mind; they were very appreciative :)