Thursday, September 20, 2012

No home learning this week

And I am away at a funeral tomorrow, so please be lovely for the reliever.
I expect to see some decent looking newspapers when I turn up to work on Monday morning!

Magazine people: try get some work done on your pages if possible.  I've left the USB's in the glass on my desk.  Make sure they get returned and not left in the computers!

A few of you have essays that need to be handed in to me.  Please get the reliever to put them in the clear file pocket that they have with the lesson outline in it, so I can mark them on Monday.

One other thing, can you click on your blog title in your dashboard, go to settings in the menu on the left and in there click on 'posts and comments'.  In here, can you find where it says 'word verification' and change the setting to 'no' then save it.  It's really annoying having to type all the silly words out every time I want to leave a comment on your blogs.

Have a great weekend.


  1. This is a reply to your comment , I can't reply to your comment on my blog :(

    Could I use the caramel drops in cookies and stuff like that?
    And yes, I would love to have some caramel drops :) THANK YOU MISS KELLY!
    haha, I've been thinking of making a food blog, but I probably won't update that much.. like not as much as you update yours. I might make one in the holidays when I have heaps of time to bake :)

    oh and miss, how do I change Blogger to the old one? I don't like the new one...