Friday, July 20, 2012

Design a Subway Card Due 25/7

This week you need to put your static  image skills to use and design a Subway card.

Here's the link about the competition that is running:

Design your card, enter it and then post up a pic of it on your blog.


  1. hello, miss kelly,
    can i bring mine into class and just show you?

  2. Yep.

    You can do it on paper and if you want to submit it we can scan it and make it the right size.

  3. Miss kelly you saw mine but do i still need to scan it??? I don't really want to?

  4. Hi miss, mine doesn't want to upload. (wrong format and i dont know how to change it)
    does this mean I need to do mine on paper.??


  5. No Tiara, you're all good.

    Mighael - when you save the document, try saving it as a different file type. So, click save as, then under the box where you type in the file name to save it, there should be a 'save as type' box. In there you have the different file type options - jpg, gif etc.

  6. How do I do it ? The template wont work properly on my computer.

    1. I dunno. Don't worry about it. Do the Olympics homework.