Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review Writing T3W8 Task Due 28/9

1. You need to follow this blog.
This means that you only need to log in to blogger and from your dashboard you can access here and your own blog.  Some of you have already done this :)

To follow a blog...
Go to your 'dashboard' - the page it takes you to when you log in to blogger.
Down near the bottom of the page it will show you the blogs you follow, or your reading list.  There will be an 'add' button.  Click this and type in in the box that pops up.  You need to follow the blog publicly so I know you have done this.

2.  Review Writing!

You need to write 2 reviews about whatever you want... a TV show, a movie, a rugby game, a book, a CD, what i-learn was like, etc.  They need to be at least 2 paragraphs each.

Check out The Corner for some ideas.  This blog was set up by one of my friends from when I was at school.  He started it last year and now gets free CD's to review from record companies and recieves tickets to concerts and events.  He is also now published in music magazines like 'Rip it Up'.

Have a read of reviews online and in magazines for some ideas.  You might want to check out the Film3 reviewer, Kate Roger, and have a look at the stuff she does for TV 3 news.

Try to:
-Make your two reviews seperate posts
-Add link (could be to one of your sources)
-Add a picture or video clip (something relevant to your post)

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