Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The internet is a dangerous place... T3W9 Task Due 5/10

The internet is a dangerous place.

Do you agree or disagree?  Your task this week is to write an opinion piece arguing either for or against the sentence above.  You need to have an introduction, a few paragraphs and a conclusion.  Remember to reference your sources by adding a bibliography at the end.

Stuck for ideas?
-Try looking up cyber bullying or crime (the New Zealand Herald website has heaps of articles)
-Here's some interesting statistics about Facebook.
-How would you feel if your potential employer in 10 years time could see the photos you posted up on the internet now?  Can you put too much information out about yourself?
-Isn't it easy and pretty instant to access any information you want on the internet?  Is all that information correct - can't anyone post info up?  What if children access inappropriate material?
-Think about what the internet is used for - social networking, file sharing, an information database, entertainment, work, etc.  Has the internet changed how we do things in a positive or negative way?

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  1. can i please have a "extra for experts" scince i have finished all my work?