Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If I could change our school I would... T3W10 Task Due 26/10

A few pieces of homework while you are on holiday - nice and easy stuff too :)

1. Imagine you are in charge of our school and you can make any changes you want.
What would they be?

I want you to write 3 - 4 paragraphs out lining different changes you would make and why.

For example:
If I was in charge of our school I would build a school swimming pool behind our astro turf.  I believe that having a pool would benefit us in many ways.  Firstly, learners that are keen on swimming could train here and we could start up teams for sports such as water polo and underwater hockey.  This would add to the sports our school has on offer for students and make our school more appealing.  Adding a pool onto our school grounds would be beneficial to all learners as we could then offer swimming lessons during P.E. classes.  This is a good idea because New Zealand is surrounded by coastline, where many people drown each year.  Equipping our learners with the skills they need in the water through swimming lessons may help to decrease our countries sad drownings statistic while also providing a form of exercise.  If we had a school pool we could charge the public to use it after school hours.  This would mean the community could benefit from the facilities too, while our school makes a profit from it.

2. Try uploading a photo from your holiday to your blog OR write about the best part of your holiday.

3. You have a reading assessment next term - you need to have read two books for it, one must be fiction.
Sort out some books to read and start over the holidays.  If you have already read something and want to use it for your assessment, you need to make sure you will have access to the book next term.

Enjoy your holidays.  Keep safe, have fun and see you next term.

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