Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Catch Up / Book Charts T4W3

Firstly, thank you for all your hard work on the 2011 magazine.  It looks great and I think it is the best yet!

This week I want all of you to go back and check your comments from me on your past posts and fix up anything I have mentioned.  Thank you to those who have already done this; it is something that I expect you to do weekly.  If your work is not up to standard you need to correct it.  It is not acceptable to hand in nothing or work of poor quality.

I also want you to get started on your book charts.  We will go to the library at the start of Friday's class if you need to get a book out.  You can write the answers to the book charts up on your blog if you wish instead of on paper.

Last thing - you will be getting your Close Reading test results back on Friday :)


  1. What is a book chart ? (: I was away last week for both english classes as I was sick . and i forgot about asking ue today .

  2. Pop in tomorrow and I can give you one - it's an A3 sheet that you need to fill out on a couple of books and it is assessed for your reports.