Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Create a 'Wordle' about yourself T1Wk5 Task Due 7/3

Two tasks this week:
1. Start reading a novel.  You have a reading assessment coming up which is worth level one credits.
2. Create a Wordle about yourself and display it on your blog.

What are your strengths? Interests? Personality traits?  Tell me in a Wordle.
A wordle is a word cloud (if you don't have a computer you can make a paper poster or pop in an make one during a break time) which you can generate on the Wordle website.
You type in a bunch of text and it will make the word picture for you (like our 4 C's posters around the school).  If you want some words to appear bigger in your word cloud, type them in the text box a few more times than the other words before creating your wordle.
I'll post some info up on how to get Wordle images to display on your blogs shortly.


  1. Replies
    1. Three. It's mentioned on your course handouts that I made you all glue in your books. It's a basic assessment which gives you some credits towards level one literacy :)

  2. Hi Miss Kelly, I have continued trying to get on to the wordle website, but on my computer it says that I have to download Java Script. But when I do so, then it says that it failed... So I can't access the site. I will give it a go at school, and I'll inform you on my progress.


  3. miss i can't do that coz it says i need to install something and my computer says its not safe

    1. It is probably wanting you to update Java - I had to do that, no biggie.
      If you don't want to, either get creative and hand make one or you can do it during tutor on Wednesday - I'll let you, and only you, off for having it completed late as you have obviously tried.