Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How well can you follow instructions? T1W4 Due 29/2

Your task this week is to follow some instructions.
You need to find something like a recipe, some instructions on how to make some origami or something similar.  Why not make your family dinner one night or bake them a yummy treat?
The instructions need to be for something you've never made before and they can't be something simple like how to boil an egg or make toast! (show me them to get them approved if you are unsure.)

Your post needs to:
-Explain why you choose your particular instructions and where you got them from.
-Give the instructions.
-Have a photo of your finished product (and can include step by step photos if you can manage it).
-Summarise how you found everything - were the instructions hard to understand?  Did your finished product turn out as you had hoped?

I'll post up some photography tips later in the week :)

The picture is from my blog Baking Makes Things Better

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