Saturday, February 25, 2012


So, for your instruction following task I've asked you to include photos if possible.

There are millions of photography help sites around on the net, so do a google search and find something that appeals to you.  This page has a basic Top Ten list of tips, which is a good place to start.
There are also some great tips on the blog 'A beautiful mess' and Elsie (who writes the blog) has recently posted up some 'tip' posts.  There's info on food photography, taking outfit photos, outdoor photography, photographing with back light and sun flare, and how to get great indoor photos.  These posts are quite short and include photos to help you understand what is being shared.

I find when I am taking pictures for my baking blog (which I share with my friend who used to teach English at AC too!) that taking them in a place with lots of natural light is best and to never use the flash on the camera (it makes ugly shadows on the food and the colour isn't right).
Think about the background of your picture too - we try to use nice papers and fabrics in the background of our pictures so it's not just the same boring old table visible.
Also, think about the composition of your picture.  Sometimes close up photographs of little details can be great - if your camera has a macro setting try using this :)

You can always try editing your photos before posting them up too.  Picasa is a great free programme you can download or Picnik is a great on-line site you can try out (not for long though, it's apparently moving).

Have fun!

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