Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Creative Writing T1W3 Task Due 22/2

This week you have to produce a piece of creative writing.
However, you need to use a dice (here's an online tool you can use) to help you decide what needs to be included in your creative writing from the lists below.

Roll one - Character:
1. A photographer
2. An alien from outer space
3. A homeless child
4. Your best friend
5. A famous pop star
6. A 93 year old woman

Roll two - Setting:
1. A wedding reception
2. A fancy restaurant
3. A shopping mall
4. At school
5. At a swimming pool
6. At a sports event

Roll three - Time:
1. After a big meal
2. After an argument
3. Late at night
4. During the first week of the school year
5. During a forest fire
6. During a concert

Roll four - Situation / Challenge:
1. An important decision needs to be made
2. A secret needs to be confessed to someone
3. Someone has found or lost something
4. Something embarrassing has just happened
5. A death has occurred
6. Someone feels like giving up

So, if I rolled the dice shown above, my story would: include a famous pop star, a shopping mall, take place during the first week back at school and something embarrassing would have happened to one of the characters.

Your piece of writing needs to be at least four decent sized paragraphs and needs to be completed before our class on Wednesday 22nd February.  You could post a paragraph or chapter up a day and keep your readers in suspense!

Also, if you haven't done so already, you need to follow this blog through your blogger account.  You can do this by scrolling down to your 'reading list' on the blogger dashboard page.  Click 'Add Blog' and type or paste in this blogs web address. 


  1. heres my blog miss

  2. miss kelly how do you get rid of the white lines so that me writing shows up????????????

    1. Oh, I see - it's like it is highlighted or something.
      Hmmm. Without looking at the settings I'm not too sure. Perhaps in your page where you write the blog post try changing the 'text background colour' (change it to black or grey maybe?)- this is next to the 'link' button.If that doesn't work it might be one of the advanced settings on your blog template.
      Your work is there, if I highlight it with the mouse I can read it. Try playing around with the things I have mentioned above and if it doesn't solve it I will get you to log in and I will have a looksie during our next class :)